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Rajasthan/ Domestic/Group Tour Packages: The Company is lead by a group of professionals having large experience in Hospitality Sector. The spirit that underlies SAAVIK HOLIDAYS throughout its work, from the selection of accommodation, to its relationships with the distribution network, up to the service given to the final customer, is perfectly expressed by the pay-off “Experts in emotions”.

SAATVIK HOLIDAYS organizes tours for Local and International travelers. We enjoy a remarkable reputation as a reliable travel agent. Having been in the tourism industry for years, we have gained profound knowledge regarding our areas of operation.

We extend top of the class services to our prestigious customers from across the globe. The organization is headed and managed by people with a rich experience in the hospitality industry.

We offer all types of packages – premier, standard and budget – with personalized services within India (Specially Rajasthan). We are experienced in providing tailor-made cultural, spiritual, religious, tribal, adventure, ‘battlefields of India’, and wildlife tours, along with other basic packages of Rajasthan, Agra, Delhi, Uttrakhand, Jammu-Kashmir, Rishikesh and major tourist destinations in India.

Student Group:-

We realized long ago that education is not just about sitting in a classroom and theorizing infinitely about the world. That kind of cardboard tutoring seldom enriches your life experiences, and true education is so much more than that. It is about realizing for ourselves the nature of our lives; our histories; our beginnings; human evolution; progress and development; the future and potential of the world; and what better way of discovering these than traveling around and experience these miracles for yourself?

That is why we have developed Student Tours wherein we offer special discounts and concessions to school and college students who want to travel around India. You could be a group of friends wanting to sprinkle your summer/winter  vacation with some fun with a trip to Rajasthan, Rishikesh, Uttrakhand  Goa and its beautiful beaches. Or you could be looking for adventure in the treks and adventure activities of the exotic North East. You could also be an enterprising class of students who have persuaded your teachers to take you on a class trip. Be it tracing the course of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization or marveling at the craftsmanship of the Mughal artisans, our Student Travel scheme will ensure that you get the benefit of as many facilities for your tour as you can.

Our Student Travel scheme provides you with a wide range of facilities that will make your trip a comfortable experience. From safe and reliable transportation, to confirmed hotel bookings at affordable rates, and experienced guides who will regale you with stories and answer all your questions on a detailed guided tour. The meticulously planned tour schedules of the Student Travel scheme will also ensure you don’t miss out on any important activity that is peculiar to your tour. Not only that, you will also be entitled to special student rebates due to our liaisons with various adventure and entertainment organizations across the country.

So get all your friends together, plan a Student Travel holiday with us and take advantage of being young! We’ll help you get started on an education that will last a lifetime. And very soon, you’ll discover that travel is not just an education, but also an addiction. So start saving for a truly affordable summer-break holiday and get ready to answer the questions of your wide-eyed friends. After all, you’ll have roamed the countryside in a way that they’ve only just dreamed of.

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