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Saatvik Holidays Pvt Ltd is a friendly-owned travel company, was setup more than 10 years ago, a vision of Anil Sharma & Neelu Kanwar, the founder and chairman of the company. Saatvik Holidays (I) Pvt Ltd has positioned itself as one of the DMC for Rajasthan and Golden Triangle, Capable of Meeting any requirement of Travel Agents with full Spectrum of incoming tourism service Flexible and effective Solution. The location of Saatvik Holidays lays in the heart of Rajasthan the Pink City (Jaipur) of India is easily reachable from Jaipur Railway Station and Central Bus Stand. We have Local Executives in all major cities of Rajasthan- Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Delhi, Agra, besides associates throughout India.
  • Government Certified Guides throughout Rajasthan
  • Innovative customize destination itineraries and product packages.
  • Out Bulk Pre Purchasing in Luxury Hotels
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Diverse Destinations

We work as a Rajasthan ground handler of your company for the clients, never present to our self in front. ( working as a purely B2B)

Value for Money

Best Competitive only B2B Price


Customer satisfaction our main motive

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Developing the most suitable program for group and FIT Tour.

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As a team we have a large network of industry contacts which means we are able to offer unbeatable price and services.

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Ensure that you get the best product and service available

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All Rajasthan Tour Package

We are offering the best deal in domestic and international holiday packages to suit the needs of every tourist. We can customize the package to be in tune with preferences, convenience and in your budget.


Hotel/Resort/Houseboat Booking

Predominant service offered by the company stands out the coordination of itineraries including hotel/resort & houseboat reservations. As per the budget we are selecting the best properties in every destinations.


Tourist Taxi booking in Rajasthan

We promise to give you the best affordable cabs in all the major cities, with a choice of high-end vehicle to more budget – friendly cabs. And also providing well maintained cabs with well-trained drivers.

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By :sunny   |   2023-07-08 12:31:14

Exploring Jaipur: A Journey through the Pink City


Welcome to Jaipur, the mesmerizing Pink City of India! Situated in the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a city that embodies the rich heritage, Fort, Palaces, culture, and architectural splendor of the bygone era. Known for its distinct pink-colored buildings (covered by 07 Gates), vibrant bazaars, and majestic forts, Jaipur is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a unique blend of history, art, and a delightful cultural experience.

1.       The Origin of the Pink City: Jaipur earned its moniker "Pink City" during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II in the late 19th century. To welcome the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), the entire city was painted in a mesmerizing shade of terracotta pink, symbolizing hospitality and a warm welcome. Since then, this color has been retained, making Jaipur one of the most picturesque cities in India.

2.       Majestic Forts and Palaces: The city is adorned with awe-inspiring forts and palaces that stand as a testament to its royal past. The Amber Fort, perched atop a hill, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and features intricate marble work and expansive courtyards. The City Palace, a magnificent blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture, is a treasure trove of artifacts and art from the royal era.



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